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Institute - PE Facts

Understanding PE

Premature ejaculation is a very common sexual complaint. Estimates vary, but according to the Mayo Clinic, as many as 1 out of 3 men may be affected by PE. While there is no single cause for PE, the most effective solution requires lowing the arousal state using condition and training.


The Men's Performance Institute conducted in-depth research into both the causes and most effective solutions to premature ejaculation. We also incorporated proven best practices to create the most comprehensive and effective treatment available to solve PE.


Our methodology combines regimented physical training to strengthen and train the muscles controlling ejaculation along with ongoing mental conditioning to effectively change your mental state during sex and reestablish your ejaculatory control.

Private Online Therapy to Correct
Premature Ejaculation

The Men's Performance Institute passionately believes that all men should be in control of their bodies. We believe those men are more confident, more satisfied and have more satisfied partners. And we believe that no man should have to suffer embarrasing office visits to meet his goals.

The Men's Performance Institute offers the world's leading privacy-protected, online therapy to stop premature Ejaculation. Our twelve week therapy program has been proven highly effective because it empowers you to lower your arousal state and take back control during intercourse.

100% Guaranteed

The Men's Performance Institute has helped men around the world break the cycle of early arousal, control their PE, and improve their personal relationships.

Complete Privacy & Confidentiality

Our completely private, confidential therapy course is taken online in the privacy of your own home over a twelve week period. Our program is 100% guaranteed. Take the first step to mastering your arousal state and ending premature ejaculation.


Learning to Controlling Your Arousal State
Achieving control of your arousal state and controlling your ejaculation requires breaking old (bad) habits and creating new habits (mental patterns) Our private, online therapy course eliminates old behavior patterns and reprograms you to perform to your desired goals. Most doctors agree that Premature Ejaculation is a learned behavior.
"The more anxiety we experience, the more it produces neurologic pathways that become etched into our brains. Typically we are not taught effective ways to stop the progression of these circuits, so we end up using dysfunctional coping patterns that detract from our quality of life."
Dr. Hanscom, author of Back in Control
Our Research and Methodology
I endorse the Men's Performance Institute because it's is proven to work and goes to heart of the matter - dealing with one's arousal state. By combining physical training and relaxation exercises, men can in fact learn to improve sexual intercourse endurance.
Dr Asghar Hashmi (January 2013)
Premier Universities agree that a physiological-neurological therapy combination are most effective for treating premature ejaculation
Getting Started
Your fee is fully refundable and satisfaction 100% guaranteed.
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