Private Online Therapy to Control PE
The Men's Performance Institute's 12 week private online therapy course is the leading online program to help men control premature ejaculation. Our course provides men with the tools and training to effectively stop PE and rebuild their confidence during sexual intercourse.

Unlike other products and services, our online course combines both physical and psychological therapies to lower your arousal levels and keep you in control. We incorporate this therapy with, proven methodologies and powerful control techniques to stop the mental and physical causes of PE, allowing you to enjoy longer intercourse with your partner.
             During the twelve week therapy course, you`ll learn to:
Lower your arousal state throughout sexual intercourse.
Build confidence before and during sex.
Improve your relationship with your partner.
The 12 Week Online Course
The Men's Performance Institute's 12 Week Course is a comprehensive medically reviewed therapy program designed to teach you pinpoint ejaculation control and allow you to last as long as you want in bed.

Each of the therapy modules has been designed to counteract each of the main physical and psychological causes for PE and build your capacity to engage in extended sexual intercourse episodes.
The online course is comprised these core modules:
I. Physical Endurance Training:
II. Mental Endurance Training
III. Ejaculation Control Techniques
IV. Personal Performance Improvement Tracking

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Getting Started


The Online Therapy Methodology
Physical Training
Because ejaculation is controlled by specific muscle groups in men, the Men's Performance Institute theray course provides specific exercises that strengthen these muscles. As you strengthen the muscles that control ejaculation, you'll gain greater control over your ejaculation reflex.

Once this occurs, more stimulation will be required to achieve ejaculation, thereby enabling you to boost your endurance. A core part of the theray includes pleasure toleration exercises - including both solo and partner based - that acclimate you to prolonged intercourse without triggering the ejaculation reflex.
Mental Conditioning
Most doctors and researchers agree that premature ejaculation is primarily a learned behavior that results from psychological factors. As a result, establishing a relaxed mental state is an essential part of stopping PE.

The online therapy course provides mental conditioning exercises that empower you to better control your mind-state during sex. By building your mental skills that enable you to lower your anxiety before and during sex, you`ll develop greater control over your arousal state.