What results can I expect after STARTING the therapy?
Most men report endurance gains in the first weeks of the course with overall endurance times extending as you progress through the course. I think one of our graduates described it best as like learning to ride a bike. At first you get on and fall off pretty quickly, but keep with it and pretty soon you are staying on longer and longer with each ride. After a while you ride as long as you want.

How long does the therapy last?
The entire therapy course, including basic, intermediate and advanced-level training sections takes 12 weeks. Some men take all 12 weeks for maximum results, others just get to the endurance goals they need and then quit. There are no contracts and you can cancel access any time.

How do I log in?
The therapy is accessed via any web browser (including tablets).

How does the performance guarantee work?
It’s pretty simple: sign up, use the therapy course regularly, track your intercourse endurance times with our tracking app inside the course. If at the end you don’t double your average intercourse endurance times (at a minimum), we’ll give you your money back. The therapy works for well over 95% of men who try it, that’s why we offer this performance guarantee

Is my privacy secure?
Yes we have a very strong privacy policy (read it below). Your privacy is key and we designed the course so that men can use it anonymously. Unlike going to a medical office where your medical records are permanent, with us no one else needs to know you are working on this – not even her!

What is the science behind the program?
Our private, online therapy, developed in a collaboration with medical professionals, is a structured self-directed therapy course that uses activity-dependent plasticity, cognitive behavioral training, neuroplasticity and myelination and finally automaticity: Basically we break your old [default] sexual habits, condition you for extended intercourse (to your personal endurance goals, which you set), condition you to control your anxiety and excitement in a variety of sexual situations. Once you are at your target endurance goals, we solidify these new [improved] behaviors as your new defaults.

How do I track my improvement?
As part of the therapy you will start keeping track of your intercourse endurance times. At the end of each course segment, we allow you to enter into the course you latest performance times and we chart them for you so that you can track your progress.

What is the price and the terms of the therapy?
That’s easy. The course is $39 a month – that’s it! No contracts, no terms, no kidding. Sign up and access the therapy for a low monthly price, use it as often and as long as you want, track your performance improvement and meet your intercourse endurance goals, leave anytime.

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